How To Prepare For MycyberSale 2016?

MALAYSIA’S BIGGEST ONLINE SALE is already in place and at its full gear! Gathering over 400 e-tailers across the nation and fellow neighboring region in the biggest cyber sales in Malaysia. Mycybersale or also known as Mycybersale MdeC was established to give e-tailers and companies the opportunity to expand their business as well as putting Malaysia digital trading in the same level worldwide. With the third annual launching of Mycybersale 2016 last Sunday on 25th September 2016, the sales have been skyrocket and our web is now experience the same traffic we usually see in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur.

Situation: You are a startup and want to play the big leagues with the other e-commerce companies but you do not know how to do it.
Solution: You have read up till this point and you should continue reading to find out how.



The basic understanding in getting yourself and your website prepare is basically covering these 3 regions;

1) Marketing Before, During and After the Event
2) Technical Aspects Know-How
3) Business Operations and Logistics Account


A wise man once said, “If you want to start something, start early!”. It is in fact an advantage for you to start setting up all the necessary things for your website BEFORE the event starts – be it a week or a month, giving the sense of preview or teasers to your targeted audience/potential buyers is highly recommended. Hence, remarketing script is one step that could put a huge difference in your traffic rate. Visitors can potentially turn into buyers, but even if they remained as visitors, that does not mean you should give up and let them leave your website plain and dead. Remarketing lets you continuously send out your ads to visitors even after they left your website.

Adroll! It’s easier to manage even for a newbie. Facebook ads will come in handy too but it requires a little bit of tweaking here and there. Getting your remarketing plan in motion, you have to prepare a remarketing list that defines your targeted audience so you won’t end up sending unrelated ads to them. Note to be taken that it is best that you list(s) have the right expiration date so that the remarketing campaign you are working on goes well in order. In the ads, don’t forget to disclose a little bit about what your company does and sells. It is like establishing a friendship, you have to tell a little bit about yourself for people to be friends with you. Be sure to keep in rotation of your promotional ads; say, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 28 days BUT never chose the ones that shorter than your period; meaning, if you stick with 14 days, do not go for 7 days. If you choose 21 days, then lose the 14 days. Add some attraction to your ads, giving out special discounts for second-timers or give free complimentary items for the product they purchase.

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Once the event – say, Mycybersale 2016, is happening, you have to kick your remarketing ads into high gear. Send reminder e-mails at specific periods during the timeline event; 24-hours or 12-hours before the event ends. This is also the perfect time for you to encourage your customers to sign up for your newsletters because it will come in handy in the future as they will always be kept notified on the products you have to deliver. Even after the event is wrapped up, you can still send them regular e-mails but NO SPAMMING – it will be annoying. How to avoid it? Segment your customers in your autoresponder system so that they will receive ads that are relevant to them. Create a trustful bond with live chats like Zopim Live Chat that you can let your shoppers have a first-hand view on your products. Lose the corporate tone, relax yourself and be friendly. Apart from that it is also encouraged for you to display your phone number so visitors have the assurance they need if they ever wish to inquire you on something. If you ever find yourself having trouble of tracking calls, you can use GetClicks which offers you the capability to track down missed calls and recover lost leads asap. If one of your agent is disconnected or engaged, the software will automatically reroute the call to another related person.


With the traffic blow out during Mycybersales, you will expect to have a decent technicalities-efficiency in your belt. This means, taking notes on choosing the right hosting company, Content Delivery Network (CDN), traffic load-management, size images and speed and stress test. All need to be taken into account if you want your website to live up to your expectations.

1) Hosting Company:

To choose the right hosting company, first, you need to be sure of one thing: who is your target audience? If you settle for local audiences, then, it will be a bad idea to be using foreign-based hosting company. Here in Malaysia, there are two hosting companies you can go to; Exabytes and ServerFreak. Afterwards, you will have to think about the bandwidth you will be needing not just in normal traffic, but also during events like this mega sale craze. Choosing the right one will help prevent any lags you and certainly your visitors hate the most. Total bandwidth you will be required for 1000 visitors is 6GB, so for this huge cyber sales, you might have to triple the number.

2) Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Complementing your system with CDN that functions to deliver webpages or other web content to users based on their geographic location, origin of the webpage and content delivery server. This system will help everything to be systematically organized and sure as it can be, make it easier for any information distributions in a short period of time. CloudFlare is highly recommended as it not only speeds up your sites, it also carries your traffic load together and protect your site form DDoS attacks with no hardware, software, change of hosting provider or codes require upon its implementation. Although, the downside is, for a certain scenario where you stumble upon extremely traffic spike, CDN can overcome it in a short period of time but with a price – literally, a price – it’s paid. Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 are affordable and fast solutions. You might need a bit of technical knowledge to make it work though.

3) Size Matters

Image size are important no matter how you look at it. It is important to have your image to be web-friendly to ensure your visitors would not have to grow old just by waiting for your image to load. This problem usually occurs when the image used is too high in graphics. The best size for any images should be no more than 1MB. Hence, you need to compress your image while preserving its quality. How? A tool called TinyPNG will do the trick. It works well to compress and optimize the images. For Opencart website users, you can find this related tool at plugins.

4) Speed and Stress Test

Pingdom is a reliable speed test tool to see how fast it will take for the page to load. In this scenario, you want to get 3 things straight;

Loading time should be LESS than 2 seconds
Requests should take LESS than 80 request
Page size should be LESS than 2MD

For traffic, normally a traffic police will do, but in cyber space, Load Impact is the name for it. You can sign up and give a go on your stress test. It can get up to the equivalents of 100 visitors and FREE. However, before you start conducting any traffic test, you might want to give a heads up to your hosting provider so that it won’t trigger any false alarm or DDoS attack and violates their terms of services.


Keeping your business operations and logistics in sync is the same as keeping your work desk tidy. It will make upcoming tasks smoother and faster. Same thing with your website, if all your stocks and products jumble all over the place, not only the shoppers, you will spend eternity trying to find a hair comb. ABC Inventory Analysis helps you categorized your items in 3 major categories:
A Items: Hot items (rapid sales)
· B Items: Buffer zone stock (moderate sales)
· C Items: Slow-moving stock (least bought for)

With this you can get a clear picture on your stocks and able to manage them in ease. You can refer to the backend report system for sales analysis vs your item to get the data you need in determining the types of items you need to categorized it in.
The last but no less important thing to know is the paying system. With online marketing, online payment is the key to it but at the cyber world alone there are tons of payment gateways – finding the right one or the suitable one is a challenge. Local payment gateways like iPay88 and MOLPay appears to be much easier and widely used among e-commerce companies.

Mycybersale 2016 is not slowing down so you should not either. Get everything ready and go for it!

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