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The Long-Term Price of the Gender Pay Gap PF Expert and CFA Manisha Thakor recently posted on Wall Street Journal’s The Experts column (The Long-Term Price of the Gender Pay Gap) a response to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Oct 9 comment about how women should not ask for pay raises (or threaten their karmic status–really). […]

Bagging It: My Soggy Story

October 22 is National Pack-a-Sack Lunch Day. Here is my soggy story (with a happy ending): The “B” word (“budgeting”) is never fun, and neither is the other “B” word – “bagging” it, or bringing your lunch to work or school. Personally, I draw the budgeting line at soggy sandwiches and spilled soup. But there’s […]

DOWNSIDE: Tipping with Plastic - Who Really Gets It?

Most of us pay for dinner with a credit or debit card and add a couple dollars where it says, “Tip.” But what happens to that tip? Where does that money actually go? Waiters and waitresses are categorized by the IRS as “tipped employees.” They make less than minimum wage because tips are supposed to […]


–UPDATE: I am happy to report that I retired early from the tech world on Aug.1, 2014–two years earlier than my original goal. To what do I attribute this? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I was driven to retire. I thought about it every day. (I say “retired from tech world” because I […]


A Tale of Retail Madness and Redemption 1:27pm Spending a night sleeping on the hard floor because of my bad back convinced me it was clearly time to shop for a new mattress. Not so affectionately referred to as the Grand Canyon by anyone who has slept on it. it was a hand-me-down from the […]

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Great food is a #1 concern—and industry—in San Francisco, and dining news is everywhere you go. There are now more two-star Michelin-rated restaurants in SF than in New York City. I believe it. Have you ever wondered how bars and restaurants keep going? I have. I find it miraculous how they pull it off, every […]

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Recently, the goal-setting and motivation site, launched the Quantified Diet, a crowdsourced study comparing ten popular diets. It is the largest randomized trial of popular diets. There have enough data to say that these diets are working, but they need another 10,000 people to join before we can say exactly how well the diets […]


Accrued Interest No Longer Part of Account Total Accrued interest was removed recently (in the last day or two) from the Account Total calculation. (Accrued interest is interest on a Note that has accumulated but has not been paid yet.) No, It Isn’t Because of the Government Shutdown By removing accrued interest from the Account […]

MarketRiders on UPSIDE

The Universe Called ETFs New to ETFs? It’s easy to flail around, trying to select from the more than 1,000-plus ETFs currently available (!), I turned to the MarketRiders service to help me separate the wheat from the chaff–and whittle the number of ETFs to consider down to a reasonable number (nine, to be exact). […]