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Diversification Using Alternative Investments Tuesday 3/5 12:00pm-1:00pm This webinar is an exploration of how to diversify your portfolio using alternative investments – specifically, real estate. Brian Jackson of Penklor, Cincinnati’s largest real estate turnkey provider, will describe the opportunities available to purchase income-producing properties using funds in your self-directed IRA. We will also be taking […]


CamaPlan, a personalized self-directed IRA planning firm located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, is hosting a free webinar on precious metals investing and the future of gold and silver. Many believe the biggest returns are ahead of us–find out how you can use funds in your self-directed IRA account to take advantage of the capital gains […]


1. Newsbound When I was recently researching the Fiscal Cliff (and what financial writer wasn’t at the end of 2012), I stumbled on an interesting article at Huff Po called the Fiscal What-Cha-Ma-Callit in a cool, new format. tackles it and other complex hot-potato political subjects by not dumbing down, but making hard concepts […]


Here’s an excerpt from our favorite Springfield sociopathic resident rich man: Burns: I guess it’s time I explain to these good people, the upcoming Fiscal Cliff. [doom and gloom music] Think of the economy as a car, and the rich man as the driver. If you don’t give the driver all the money, he will […]


Much of the concern around the Fiscal Cliff is centered on the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, or spending cuts under the Budget Control Act of 2011. The other cliff I am not hearing much about has to do with the expiration of the Bush Administration’s 2007 major federal tax program to help homeowners […]


First it’s Gray Thursday, then Black Friday. It could easily be a children’s rhyme about the Black Death. And if you are someone who believes that “Ring Around the Rosie” is actually about the Plague, then “we all fall down” could be a modern-day reference to the trampling of the Long Island Walmart employee in […]

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Political analysts try to figure out how each state is leaning using all kinds of data. Why not see how this election year’s swing states (from CNN and NY Times electoral maps) align when compared to red and blue state average credit scores and debt? Here is what the July 2012 data** from CreditKarma shows: […]


On Saturday, September 15th, people around the world will participate in Free Money Day by handing out their own money to complete strangers and asking recipients to pass half on to someone else. YOUR Two Cents Their motto: Sharing is common cents. So, what’s your two cents on this? Free Money Day is being […]

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The America Saves blog is featuring articles and guest blogs on the topic of paying off high-interest debt through August. America Saves, along with their 52 local campaigns, is featuring information on how to reduce debt and where to get info on how to do that. Join the Conversation If you would like to take […]