Love Story – Episode 1

I sat on my couch, my eyes staring at his picture, the one I always kept with me for so many years.

I was lost.
Should I remind you? Or do nothing, continued to live without him.

This question tormented me for so long, she sat in my head without reply …

This man, I love him for many years, since my adolescence, the love I have for him has remained in my heart, he will never leave the evidence, I now have 35 years and it is still there.

I always hid this love, I’ve never told anyone, even my husband know.

Yes, I have a husband, it is perfect, with him, I gave birth to a child, his name is Anthony, as my best friend when I was younger.
My husband’s name is Eliott, it has 2 years older than me, we’re both lawyers, we love to travel, we travel a lot, you really have a lot in common.

You see, I have a life that may seem perfect, but I still have all broken, searching constantly for perfection, perfection, it was this man, the one I love forever, that’s why I was not satisfied, in truth, I was not looking for perfection, I had found it, but I never managed to get hold of it.

His name was Bruno, he was 25 years older than me, he is brown, with clear blue eyes, he has a radiant smile, a perfect tan and is especially extremely kind.

At 14, I met a man with 25 years of difference with me, I was and am crazy in love with him.


How had I encountered this Bruno?

Well that Bruno was my teacher, my French teacher I had in third.
It was a sublime year, the best of all my schooling, and you see, like a teacher it helps to go to class, I was being carefree, I was very eager to go, I saw almost all day and that’s what gave rhythm to my life, that’s what made me happy, love.

This year was full of ups and downs, I have to tell you everything.

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