Goals and Gratitude – The Shortlist

Every year, I write on a piece of paper “Surprise Me” and put it in a red envelope in a special place of the house (OK, behind the couch). If I am lucky, many surprises will come my way this year – ones I can’t imagine with my limited brain right now, but I will know them when I see them. The mystery makes me smile.

I don’t put “lose weight” or “save more money” because thoughts like those circulate in my head frequently enough during the regular part of the year.

I don’t drink it.

Goals and Gratitude – the Shortlist

  1. To learn how to make artisan cheese (another kooky retirement money-maker idea my husband and I “cooked” up)
  2. To inherit a fixer Victorian house on a huge farm in the Midwest somewhere from an as-yet-unknown relative
  3. To trade even better (2016 was a good year)
  4.  To be happier with whatever is in front of me (another driver, the stuffed inbox, a simple meal cooked by someone else, [fill in the blank])
  5. A resolution can be a goal (but it doesn’t have to be) – it can be a wish, a hope, or sometimes just a thought being put out there. Dream a little. What can it hurt?

Oh, yes, and 5 Thanks for reading this.

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