Elegreen – New Era Of Mobile Phones Data Plan

Phones evolved each year and with the technology era running through like a bullet train, there will be a brand new and limited edition phone within the next month. At this rate, Alexander Graham Bell must be smiling in his grave knowing how advanced communication technology has become. So, what are you going to do with your now not-so-in-the-present phone? You might want to rethink throwing it away because believe it or not, you can get paid selling it more than what you paid for it.

With the maximization of phone industries around the world, now, recycling phones are getting the bright and shiny spotlight. In statistics stated in the USA alone, there are over 400,000 cell phones retired every day; some are given, others are thrown away while most are kept in junk drawers collecting dust bunnies of its own. What people don’t know, they are worth more than what they physically appear. eleGreen is one of the company that provides take-back deals of retired phones; they will be refurbished, repaired and upgrade to be sold in the price cheaper for the same state-of-the-art installation once have when it first rolled out of the factory.
eleGreen is a group of people that are passionate about creating a better way for consumers to dispose of unwanted mobile devices. With the increasing number of deceased phones each year due to its outdated status, the eleGreen team round up the effort to find a better way to deal with them without causing so much technological waste to the environment. eleGreen saw this opportunity in the market to help create the communication networks in other countries around the world.
It is pretty easy to get by with eleGreen, those in the related areas can gain free quotes from any or their agents or pay a visit to eleGreen offices. Consumers can send in their unused mobile devices through their free-shipping services, and in return they will provide them industry leading prices. Once they received your devices, they will certify and recondition them to be redelivered to those who need them. From this risk-free process, you will be quickly rewarded with cash or a gift card and someone else will receive the benefits from your unused device. You are making a different in someone else’s lives and receive exclusive rewards for it!
Imagine this, you go to a phone outlet and bought a phone worth $700 for a pay-out of $200 because you have secured contracts with the phone service providers. The value will not be affected even though upgrades were made on the phone because eleGreen will buy it with same value regardless of the range of upgrades being made. You can save up to a whole lot of zeros in your wallet and still get the same high level of performance as new phones in the market.
Now, it’s time to go through your trash can, drawers, look under the bed or even in the laundry bag if you have to, and send over your unused mobile devices to eleGreen. It helps you, helps the team, and definitely helps the planet!