Top 10 Companies in 2010

2016 is coming to a close. Markets have grown, investment flowing, profits and losses decorate the companies around the globe. If you are thinking of changing sceneries in 2017, here are the top 10 coolest companies in 2010 that you want to consider keeping an eye on:

1) Apple
Who does not want to work at Apple? One of the leading technological companies that play a major part in our daily lives. Range of invention of computer, notebooks, smart phones, cables and software; Apple promise innovation at every turn. As of Decembe87r 31st, 2010, Financial Times showed a significant increase in market value in the fourth quarter. It is a promising figure for a lifetime career and with high demand in technology, we have yet to see the last of it.
2) Google
Google is one of the biggest empire in the world of networking. Its function spread across the globe with new updates every day – you can ask your e-mail and smart phones to be sure of that. Generate in the creative environment, Google has become one of the top dream job in the world.
3) PomeFresh – Organic Food Delivery Singapore
With the population of 5.4 million, magnificent skyscrapers and hot tourism site, Singapore did not disappoint in food as their local food deliveries are trending in the market. PomeFresh Organic Food, FoodPanda and Feast Bump are some of the organic food delivery that give Singaporeans happy pills for the day. It continues to grow as of today, with wide choice and variations to choose from. Happy Dieting and Drink To Your Health.
4) EasyBook – Online Train Ticket Booking in Malaysia & Singapore
Here and now online is the way to go. The online bus ticket booking provides the instant bridge you need to get from point A to point B without so much as lifting a finger. The constant growth of companies providing online bus ticket services such as KTM Malaysia Berhad with their E-Tickets platform saw high convenience for the people around. You can choose your own place to depart, time, seat and so on.
5) Microsoft
Microsoft has been in the business for as long as your grandfather can remember or even your great-grandfather. Each year, Microsoft Corporation pushes through the market with high level of success through the years and up till this day, it did not disappoint.
6) Wal-Mart
An American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. As of this year, Walmart Corporations have over 11,593 stores and clubs in 28 countries. The expansion grew wide and fast since its establishment and it does not look like it is slowing down.
7) Robust Tech House – Mobile Apps Singapore
Robust Tech House is a pioneer in the field of mobile apps development in Singapore. It is climbing its way up the ladder with other mobile apps competitors. Aiming to reach the ultimate success in Asia, it holds high professional grip in mobile commerce, e-commerce, FinTech web and apps development. Driven by creative and well-trained team, this company bound to make a splash in the mobile apps market.
8) Online Shopping District
Online shopping has become a massive trend all around the globe. Its expansion in grow from one nation to another and as of this year, the world has come to terms with its online shopping concept. Online shopping companies such as Lazada, AliBaba and Zalora are some that have established a solid ground that does nothing but continuously moving forward with more products to offer and at the same time opening opportunities for startups to join venture as well.
9) Amazon
Started as an online bookstore, has boosted its way up the ladder to becoming an international empire. As of 2010, announced that e-book sales for its Kindle reader outnumbered sales of hardcover books for the first time. Creating competitions from Borders Group to Microsoft, Kindle is a solid platform for a lifetime career.
10) Baidu
Google, watch out for Baidu. This Chinese-based company created a successful search engine that – according to Forbes, put Google on the side road. It has almost 60% of the Chinese market and over 6% of the global market; standing in the same level as Bing on a global stage.

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