5 Famous Organic Food Blogs

If you follow this blog for a few weeks, you’ll understand that I am passionate about cooking.However, I am not interested to┬áparticipate in top chef. I just like to get around large tables or my children Fred and feast on my dishes.

For me, cooking helps give expression to his creativity and there is nothing more comforting than sharing a meal with family or friend (s). Good does not mean complicated: with some fresh and simple ingredients, you can prepare real treats!

There are a few years, I read a lot of food blogs has now I have less time to surf the web but I still visit some food blogs to find inspiration. Because I like to test new recipes, new foods. In the kitchen, you can never be short of ideas, there are so many recipes to create, edit or simply cook …

My five food blogs are not all dedicated to organic food, but they have something in common: a love of good ingredients, healthy, seasonal and tasty.

My 5 Organic food blogs and slow food favorites are:

Clea Cuisine: Culinary selling author, Clea kitchen is a fan of organic products. His dishes are often simple (everyone can cook following his directions) and full of flavor and creativity. Many vegetarian or vegan recipes on its website. All photos bring your appetite.

Healthy eating: Karen Knight makes a whole lot of recipes organic, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. She also full of topics about cookbooks, gourmet getaways, legumes, etc. In short, if you run out of ideas for dinner tonight immerse yourself in his blog and you will come in with lots of recipes to test.

Kitchen Country-style: absolutely beautiful photos, healthy recipes, you want to lick the screen so it looks good. Linda Louis wrote numerous cookbooks that provide a real wind of novelty in the culinary publishing. In addition, it makes you want to settle down tomorrow in the country!

Roostblog: An English blog, very aesthetic. We spend hours watching the pictures of dishes, desserts and poetic scenes of life at will. We almost forget that the author of this blog had to change his eating habits after diagnosis of Crohn’s disease from her husband. Caitlin healthy cuisine season, to treat her family and her husband inside. A beautiful philosophy, a wonderful blog.

Cafe Fernando: Yes, there are men who make very good cook! Cenk is the example incarnate, he lives in Turkey (his blog is in English and Turkish), and is currently working on the publication of his first book. Each recipe is fictionalized, photographs are enticing and there are plenty of Turkish recipes. It is perhaps also why I became addicted to his blog!

Those are my 5 favorite kitchen blogs! And you? Please leave comments and tell me which kitchen blogs you prefer?

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